Management Consultancy

Africa Vision Management Consultants are committed to providing value-added solutions in accordance with the (6) six work stages as per the standard Construction Project Management Professional's Service as determined by the South African Council for the Project and Construction Management Profession:

  • STAGE 1 - Inception: Project Brief, Procurement Policy, Agreements, Initiation Programme

  • STAGE 2 - Concept and Viability: Signed Agreements, Project Documentation and Programme

  • STAGE 3 - Design Development: Confirm Scope & Complexity of Design, Cost and Programme

  • STAGE 4 - Documentation: Procurement Strategy & Programme, Tender / Contract Conditions

  • STAGE 5 - Construction: Management & Admin of the Building Contract until Practical Completion

  • STAGE 6 - Project Close Out: Technical & Contractual Undertakings - Works & Final Completion

Our work within the Project Management Sector embraces Value-Added Service offerings based on the Complexity of Scope, Economies of Scale, Volume-based Resourcing and Delivery solutions, and Geographical footprint.

Cutting-edge Training and Up-Skilling Programmes elevate persons from Disadvantaged Backgrounds, which further provide opportunities for Skills Advancement and Elevation of Position within the organisation.

Our Local and International configuration of resources and network of capable and experienced individuals allow us to provide an enviable Volume-Based resource provision on any project / programme we undertake.

Africa Vision Management Consultants have been successful in Value Engineering each of our client appointments in order to offer direct Cost / Time benefits to every one of our projects since our inception in 2003.

A low overhead structure as compared to local and international industry norms result in direct cost-saving benefits to our clients whilst allowing Africa Vision to remain at the forefront of our industry.

Our local and international geographical footprint and spread ability provides major resourcing benefits in saving on disbursement costs on any project we undertake.

Africa Vision strives to minimize it's carbon footprint by applying basic principles to the way in which we carry out our work - our clients directly benefit by having their work carried out in the most efficient and effective manner possible within specific time / budget constraints.

Our Teams, Work Groups and Management continually strive to optimize the work we undertake and this ensures we benefit from repeat business time and time again.