Service Statement

In response to the increasing complexity of multi-faceted projects within the growing South African urban development framework, AFRICA VISION HOLDINGS has committed to provide the necessary resources to create a uniquely qualified service offering with proven international & local project and risk-management expertise of large and iconic projects.

Africa Vision Holdings Board of Directors, it’s Chairman and Founder – Sashwin Pillai are pleased to offer our Value Based Service Solutions to Corporate Real Estate Asset Owners, their partners / service providers. With our prior experience and capabilities gained working for corporate clients - we believe this partnership is fully capable of addressing any challenges on your projects and meeting the expectations of your Corporate Real Estate Strategy and Policy.

Africa Vision provides a unique combination of complementary skills developed in the African and International markets.

Our track record working on a variety of projects and programmes combined with Africa Vision’s unique combined staffing resources, networks and developed local experience within the South African Built Environment arena is well respected amongst developers and commercial clients alike. Africa Vision has considerable experience in delivering projects with a commanding profile, from expansive delivery programmes and master-planning to office developments, hotels, retail and industrial developments. Utilising its own robust project planning and quality management systems, Africa Vision always works successfully with major clients on market-defining projects.

Africa Vision is delivering some of the most challenging and unique Architectural, Management and Development projects in South Africa. We believe that we have put together a team that is suited in its tailored offering – Africa Vision serves it’s clients with a strong delivery capability and understanding of international commercial norms combined with our comprehensive cutting‐edge presentation skills & techniques proven on the most demanding of projects. Our teams have the ability to draw on various technical, administrative and executive support resources within our respective group structures. Africa Vision can ensure that all our client’s projects are effectively conceptualized and delivered at all stages of the project programme.