Africa Vision Holdings have access to a further staff compliment of 250 additional personnel based in South Africa and a further support staff allocation of 2,500 experienced personnel based outside the borders of SA in more than 20 countries internationally.

  • Our resource provisions have been instated in order to serve our corporate clients most efficiently and effectively - ultimately to support our various projects and programmes both locally and internationally.
  • Our market is worldwide without restrictions, and our service is client focused.
  • Our permanent and contract resources are intensively educated, trained and entrenched within our business strategy and approach.
  • We carry our philosophy and delivery approach in every appointment we undertake and deliver tailor-made solutions in order to meet and exceed our clients expectations.
  • Our ability to carry out volume based programmes repeatedly are unsurpassed within our industry.
  • Our expansion strategy remains organic and is focused in line with our client delivery expectations.
  • We target and carry out repeat business time and time again - let us change your world forever!