Identication of Typical Challenges

Specific Challenges related to the Built Environment and how we add value to the project team: Achieving International Standards in our Local Context .

Our clients aim to ensure that their built environment facilities reflect a 'Best in Class' status, on par with the best facilities globally. Achieving this level of quality requires an ambitious Built Environment team with a worldly outlook and experience in delivering such facilities internationally. The key personnel at Africa Vision all have substantial experience in delivering high quality buildings internationally, having worked and studied extensively abroad. Our team members have collectively amassed a range of critical skills and expertise in designing and delivering a wide range of corporate & commercial, industrial and residential projects internationally.

Promoting Sustainable Solutions in a Cost Driven Industry

Africa Vision subscribes to an environmentally conscious ethos in our approach to building. In an industry were cost constraints can sometimes override sustainability as a priority, we rely on our extensive design and management experience obtained abroad to promote feasible sustainable combined design and management solutions and technologies.

Promoting BBBEE within the Built Environment Sector

The Built Environment Sector in South Africa is still regarded as one that requires an increased rate of transformation to achieve national BBBEE targets. Africa Vision possesses the highest obtainable BBBEE rating, with a team of nationally and internationally qualified and experienced professionals.

Resource Placement & Positioning - Geographical Spread Capability

Whilst the master core team placement will be in Johannesburg, the resource pool will be largely Durban and Johannesburg based, in order to service our clients effectively and efficiently. Africa Vision Holdings (Pty) Ltd have one of the largest South African footprints in terms of Built Environment placements with fixed established offices in Gauteng, Cape Town, Durban and in the UK whilst being further supported by various associate offices, practices and individuals both locally and internationally. National & International based organisations like ours have the benefit of drawing from a large vernacular pool of experience and the ability to interchange information in terms of supply chain constraints, procurement challenges and labour workforce constraints. African based projects and rollouts are facilitated through the Johannesburg office, supported by our other permanent Local Offices and International Associate Offices with the assistance of our UK office depending on the location of each project.

Our focus is to ensure delivery, thus it is vital that all professionals appointed have the gearing capability and staff compliment for the Regional / International based rollouts. We will ensure that this is the case to ensure correct delivery no matter what region / country we are involved in and that reporting structures from all accounts are regionally based.

Centralised Procurement vs. Regional Procurement Framework ­ Quality Control

Through our experience on roll out models, Centralised Procurement Frameworks have both Cost and Time benefits and simultaneously certain disadvantages. Our experience in all regions of South Africa help in assisting with the strategy framework required to install and run a detailed procurement programme, monitor quality of the selected or nominated contracting firms and service providers. We understand workload restraints region by region which assist with tender nomination of the supply chain. Having regional representation assists with offsite quality audits prior to delivery and installation, catching quality concerns before they become an issue.